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2016: #13 Go to Hell

Hell, Michigan - #MIAwesomeList
Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail.

#13 Go to Hell

Region: MidMichigan

Location: Hell, Michigan

Because who doesn’t want to say they’ve been to Hell and back? Do something super normal like explore a chain of 8 lakes by canoe or kayak, or embrace the hell-theme just like Hell has! Take the “Grave Digger” Challenge: at the Creamatory in Screams Ice Cream, anyone that eats the grave digger ice cream treat served in a mini-coffin, gets an official death certificate. Get a degree from Damnation University, complete the official Dam U Tee Shirt!

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2016: #19 Enjoy a family fun or date night at a Drive-In Theater

Michigan Drive-In Movie Theaters - #MIAwesomeList
Photo by courtesy of MLive

#19 Enjoy a family fun or date night at a Drive-In Theater

Region: All Over!

Location: Michigan

Michigan has several Drive-In movie theaters throughout the state. You can find a few of our favorites listed in our article, “Ask a Michigander: Where can I take my girlfriend on a date to a drive-in movie?”, and Pure Michigan’s Six Places to Catch a Drive-In Movie in Michigan.

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2016: #10 Tube down the Chippewa River

Kayaking the Chippewa River, Mount Pleasant - #MIAwesomeList

#10 Tube down the Chippewa River

Region: MidMichigan

Location: Chippewa River Outfitters, 3763 S Lincoln Rd, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858

The Chippewa River is a stream in Michigan that runs 91.8 miles through the central Lower Peninsula. The Chippewa is a tributary of the Tittabawassee River and is named after the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Nation.

Fun fact: in Island Park, the river flows completely around the park and creates a natural island in the center of the city!

The Chippewa River is perfect for a leisurely trip on the water. Canoeing, tubing, and kayaking are fun for all ages and skill levels.

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