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#32 Find your nearest gem of a State Park

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#32 Find your nearest gem of a State Park

Location: All over Michigan

You don’t have to go to a National Park to enjoy nature’s beauty. There are over 100 State Parks all over the state filled with beautiful trails, playgrounds, lakes, beaches, and activities. Search for the nearest State Park near you — it might surprise you how close it is!

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#1 Indulge in Superman Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Calkins

#1 Indulge in Superman Ice Cream

Location: All over Michigan

Superman Ice Cream is almost an exclusively Michigan flavor and for kids (and some fun-loving adults!) all over the state, it’s the taste of summer. Find a local shop that serves this unique flavor and dig into the red, yellow and blue ice cream.

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#5 Watch a movie at a drive-in movie theatre

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#5 Watch a movie at a drive-in movie theatre

Region: All over Michigan

Relive memories of a late summer night or make some new ones by visiting a local drive-in movie theater. Throw a blanket and some popcorn in the car and catch one of this summer’s blockbusters at a drive-in near you.

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#6 Ride the TART Trails

Photo courtesy of Traverse Trails

#6 Ride the TART Trails

Region: Northern

Location: Traverse City

The Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation (TART) encompasses eight seperate trails, including the TART, Leelanau Trail, VASA pathway, Buffalo Ridge Trail, Boardman Lake, and Boardman River trails along with others spread out across Grand Traverse and Leelanau County. Together they cover almost 60 miles. Take some time to run, walk, roller skate, roller ski, or bike down these scenic trails this summer.

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#48 Try out the Fish Ladder in Grand Rapids

Photo courtesy of The Rapidian

#48 Try out the Fish Ladder in Grand Rapids

Region: Southwest

Location: 560 Front Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

A great place to fish or just to watch the water, the Fish Ladder provides a way for fish to head upstream and gives great views of the aquatic animals.

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#13 Say “hi!” to the animals at John Ball, Binder Park, Detroit, or Garlyn Zoo

Photo courtesy of The Oakland Press

#13 Say “hi!” to the animals at John Ball, Binder Park, Detroit, or Garlyn Zoo

Region: Southwest, Southeast, Upper Peninsula

Location: Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Royal Oak, Naubinway

Michigan is home to several outstanding zoos across all corners of the state. Say hi to the giraffes at Binder Park, chill out with the polar bears in Royal Oak, pet sting rays at John Ball or get up close to some Michigan natives in Naubinway.

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#15 Immerse yourself in the darkness in Michigan’s Dark Sky Parks

Photo courtesy of Dan Price

#15 Immerse yourself in the darkness in Michigan’s Dark Sky Parks

Location: All over Michigan

Michigan is the best place to stargaze in the Eastern United States. Much of this is due to the vast openness of the Great Lakes and sparse populations in the north, and there are several Dark Sky Parks, set aside especially for stargazing. Take a trip to Headlands Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw, Rockport State Recreation Area located in Presque Isle, Negwegon State Park in Alpena and Alcona counties, or Thompson’s Harbor State Park in Presque Isle County.

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#25 Sample a local beer at your favorite Michigan brewery

Photo courtesy of Cailin Ashbaugh

#25 Get a local beer at your favorite Michigan brewery

Location: All over Michigan

Michigan is fifth in the nation in the number of breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs and is home to Beer City USA — Grand Rapids. Head to a Michigan classic like Bell’s Brewery or Founders Brewing Co., or try out a newer contender near you.

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#27 Get up close to the Ludington Pier Light and Explore the Beach

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#27 Get up close to the Ludington Pier Light and explore the beach

Region: West, Northern

Location: Ludington

You don’t even have to get out of your car to see the Ludington Pier Light, (but we recommend you do!). Take a stroll down the pier to get a good look at the historic lighthouse while taking in the Lake Michigan waves, or even a sunset.

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#29 Ride the Sand Dunes at Silver Lake

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#29 Ride the Sand Dunes at Silver Lake

Region: Northern

Location: Silver Lake

Silver Lake Sand Dunes aren’t as popular as Sleeping Bear but they’re much better suited for adventure lovers. People from all over the state come to the Silver Lake dunes to ride their buggies, jeeps, scooters and trucks through the sand, right on the side of the gorgeous Lake Michigan. And don’t worry—you don’t have to have a sand-ready vehicle—you can rent one right from the park!

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