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#15 Immerse yourself in the darkness in Michigan’s Dark Sky Parks

Photo courtesy of Dan Price

#15 Immerse yourself in the darkness in Michigan’s Dark Sky Parks

Location: All over Michigan

Michigan is the best place to stargaze in the Eastern United States. Much of this is due to the vast openness of the Great Lakes and sparse populations in the north, and there are several Dark Sky Parks, set aside especially for stargazing. Take a trip to Headlands Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw, Rockport State Recreation Area located in Presque Isle, Negwegon State Park in Alpena and Alcona counties, or Thompson’s Harbor State Park in Presque Isle County.

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#24 Explore the Shipwrecks of Thunder Bay at the National Marine Sanctuary

Photo by Tane Casserley, NOAA Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

#24 Explore the Shipwrecks of Thunder Bay at the National Marine Sanctuary

Region: Northern

Location: Alpena

Enveloping the coast of Alpena and the surrounding areas of Thunder Bay and Lake Huron, the Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary has been accumulating a large number and variety of shipwrecks since the 1800s, and is a truly spectacular place to visit. Take a glass-bottomed boat tour to see sunken ships or just explore the museum for informative and interesting Michigan history.

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#44 Adventure in Dinosaur Gardens

Photo courtesy of Dinosaur Gardens

#44 Adventure in Dinosaur Gardens

Region: Northern

Location: Alpena County

If you haven’t been to Dinosaur Gardens, you truly must go. It’s a thrilling explorative adventure as you walk past enormous life-like creatures and see what life was like when dinosaurs walked Michigan. There’s more than just dinosaurs though— enjoy putt-putt golf, miners sluices, fossil digs, frozen yogurt bars, and dinosaur-themed gift shops.

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2016: #11 Explore a Dark Sky Park

Michigan Dark Sky Parks - Alpena - #MIAwesomeList
Photo courtesy of Alpena CVB.

#11 Explore a Dark Sky Park

Region: Northern, East, Southeastern

Location: (see links below)

Have you ever been to a Dark Sky Park? It’s the chance to enjoy the Michigan night sky in a whole new way. Check out three of Michigan’s newest Dark Sky Preserve Parks (Rockport State Recreation Area, Thompson’s Harbor, and Negwegon State Park) in the Alpena area. On the northwestern side of the state? Check out the Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Emmet County. Southeastern Michigan? Visit the Lake Hudson Recreation Area.

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