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#5 Watch a movie at a drive-in movie theatre

Photo courtesy of Michigan.org

#5 Watch a movie at a drive-in movie theatre

Region: All over Michigan

Relive memories of a late summer night or make some new ones by visiting a local drive-in movie theater. Throw a blanket and some popcorn in the car and catch one of this summer’s blockbusters at a drive-in near you.

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2016: #32 Drive into History at the Gilmore Car Museum

Gilmore Car Museum - #MIAwesomeList
Photo courtesy of The Gilmore Car Museum.

#32 Drive into History at the Gilmore Car Museum

Region: Southwest

Location: 6865 W Hickory Rd, Hickory Corners, MI 49060

Hickory Corners is a tiny speck on the map, just northwest of Battle Creek. The Gilmore Car Museum, however, is anything but tiny! In fact, it is now the nation’s largest auto museum with over 180,000 sq ft of exhibit space and over 400 automobiles on display! If you are planning to visit the Gilmore, be sure to allot an entire day. The 90-acre campus is actually home to eight separate museums (seven car museums and a dollhouse miniatures museum), as well as historic diner! They also have a small cafe in the main building. It’s also quite a cost-efficient option for families, as there is a discount for children under 17 and free admission for those 6 and under. Whether you are a car fanatic or not, you’ll surely be able to find something that sparks your interest.

Bonus: they also offer over a dozen Model T Driving School sessions every summer season, making it a truly remarkable Michigan experience like no other!

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