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#35 Look for loons on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Photo courtesy of Nature.org © Daniel and Ginger Poleschoo

#35 Look for loons on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Region: Upper Peninsula

Location: Keweenaw Peninsula

The Common Loon is a rare bird in Michigan, but your best chances of seeing and hearing this unique bird and its call is up on the Keweenaw near Copper Harbor. Take a boat ride on Lake Superior or walk the shoreline to look for the lovely loons.

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2016: #26 Bike the trails in Copper Harbor

#26 Bike Copper Harbor Mountain - #MIAwesomeList
Photo courtesy of Keweenaw CVB.

#26 Bike the trails in Copper Harbor

Region: Upper Peninsula

Location: Copper Harbor

The Keweenaw Peninsula is home to so many beautiful spots, and Copper Harbor Mountain is no exception. This summer, try something different and take in the awe-inspiring views by riding some of the nationally recognized mountain biking trails!

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