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#32 Find your nearest gem of a State Park

Photo Courtesy of Pure Michigan – Michigan.org.

#32 Find your nearest gem of a State Park

Location: All over Michigan

You don’t have to go to a National Park to enjoy nature’s beauty. There are over 100 State Parks all over the state filled with beautiful trails, playgrounds, lakes, beaches, and activities. Search for the nearest State Park near you — it might surprise you how close it is!

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#21 Explore Les Cheneaux Islands

Photo courtesy of Lakeland Boating

#21 Explore Les Cheneaux Islands

Region: Upper Peninsula

Location: Les Cheneaux

Swim, kayak or hike around these pristine and secluded islands just east of St. Ignace. Rent a one-room cabin for a private getaway or take in the mostly undeveloped scenery and wildlife for just the day.

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