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#48 Try out the Fish Ladder in Grand Rapids

Photo courtesy of The Rapidian

#48 Try out the Fish Ladder in Grand Rapids

Region: Southwest

Location: 560 Front Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

A great place to fish or just to watch the water, the Fish Ladder provides a way for fish to head upstream and gives great views of the aquatic animals.

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2016: #31 Hike Sugarloaf Mountain or jump off the Black Rocks at Presque Isle Park into Lake Superior

Black Rocks Marquette - #MIAwesomeList
Jumping into Lake Superior. Photo courtesy of Kale Davidoff.

#31 Hike Sugarloaf Mountain or jump off the Black Rocks at Presque Isle Park into Lake Superior

Region: Upper Peninsula

Location: County Road 550, Marquette, MI

Our writer John Kalmar had this to say about jumping off the Black Rocks, “I’ve had a couple of low-key “cliff diving” experiences before—both at about 30 feet—but I still had my reservations about taking the plunge into the chilly Superior. Cliff goers lined the edges of the rocks, jumping at sporadic intervals and then climbing back up for more. After observing enough of these jumpers with a 100% survival rate, I decided it was time to join in on the fun. Nearing the edge was the easy part—it’s all about clearing your mind and taking that literal leap of faith. After I plunged into the waters and surfaced, my friend yelled toward me, “How was it?” It was a real rush—the only thing that kept me from answering was the icy waters made my chest feel as if I had just done a shot of whiskey. I quickly regained feeling in my lungs and replied to take the plunge—the water’s great. I enjoyed it so much that I even made a second jump. The 100% survival rate was still intact.”

And this about Sugarloaf:  “Sugarloaf Mountain offered beautiful 360-degree views of the ore docks, bay and the surrounding woods and beaches. I don’t consider myself a grizzled outdoorsman by any means, but having man-made stairs to aid in the last 100 or so feet of a climb just doesn’t feel right – especially when Sugarloaf Mountain isn’t technically a mountain. My hiking stairs gripe aside, Sugarloaf is an easy 15-minute hike that’s well worth it for the eagle-eye vantage point”.

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Sugar Loaf Marquette - #MIAwesomeList
View from Sugarloaf Mountain. Photo courtesy of John Kalmar.