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#9 Try one of Michigan’s many scenic drives

Photo courtesy of @tunneloftreesm119 on Instagram

#9 Try one of Michigan’s many scenic drives

Region: Northern

Michigan is known for scenic drives with plenty of views, twists, and turns. Try out one of the most scenic roads in the nation by driving M-119 from Harbor Springs through the Tunnel of Trees, overlook spectacular lake views and impressive gorges along US-2 from St. Ignace to Manistique in the UP, or take in one of the countless other scenic drives throughout the state.

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2016: #42 Visit the Mystery Spot

The Mystery Spot - St. Ignace, Michigan - #MIAwesomeList
Photo courtesy of St. Ignace CVB

#42 Visit the Mystery Spot

Region: Upper Peninsula

Location:  N916 Martin Lake Rd, St Ignace, MI 49781

In the early 1950s, 3 surveyors came from California came to explore Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They found an area, only about 300 feet in diameter, where none of their surveying equipment worked properly; tripods wouldn’t sit level, compasses went berserk, plum-bob’s consistently dragged to the east… As they continued their research, they experienced a constant feeling of light-headedness and nausea and thus dubbed the area the Mystery Spot. Legend has it that Native Americans held this area in high esteem as sacred grounds and in the years since the discovery of the surveyors, the area has expanded as an attraction. There is a zip-line, a maze, an 18-hole putt putt golf course, and more. So whether it’s the electro-magnetic fields or a ghostly presence, the Mystery Spot is always worth a visit.

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